Pimpri - News



During 2013 and 2014 a total of 14 300 SEK has been donated to Pimpiri daycentre.

Friends of Pimpiri has totally collected and donated 31 873 SEK to the Pimpiri daycentre.

This money has given continuous medicine, food and shelter to the clients, and some of them has been sent to Dehli for a proper 30-day treatment for their drug addiction.

I thank you all for this wonderful time, Thanks to all the people that contributed and I wish all the clients and workers in Sahara Aalhad and Pimpiri Daycentre all the best and good luck.


I got the sad news that Abbas will not be working in Pimpri anymore. I had a meeting with other staff and also Ega Selhore to discuss the future of my swedish donation site.


There are changes in the organisation. More to come, stay tuned.

As of today we have collected almost 13'000 SEK that I will bring to Pimpri in the beginning of February, and there I will be informed of what needs there are at this point and then decide how to distribute the amount.




Again, a big big thanks from me, and Abbas who is informed in India. Sven Jacobson and his 60th birthday gave us almost 10,000 SEK for Pimpri.




A big Thank You and Congratulations to Sven Jacobson who had his 60th birthday and wished for no presents but donations for Pimpri. He and his friends raised 4100 SEK for Pimpri.

A dream and vision of starting a rehabilitation centre connected to Pimpri Daycentre is forming itself... More information will come soon.




I had a very happy reunion with Abbas and the clients at Pimpri. We managed to bring 60'000 rupies to PIMPRI DAYCENTRE! Abbas took me personally to the Managing Director and I cound give the donation. This time we donated this amound and realised we helped to pay  1/3 of the new buildings of new Pimpri! I will put photos and updates on the whole trip here soon.



Hello friends!

I will go to Pune in end of January 2011 and visit Pimpri and the guys working hard to get on the right side of their life, without heroine. My trip gives an opportunity to resume the happenings over there and give a hand where needed. Food, medicine refill or anything at all. So if you want to give a hand through me, please give a donation! Nothing is to small to give, 1 euro gives 3 meals for example...

I will share information and post photos on facebook and on this site during my work over there to keep you posted.




Kristins latest donation is based on income from KFUM's Xmasmarket.




Latest donation recieved. One of the clients who has shown great development and motivation to stop using drugs and start a new life is getting a depression and fears the future because it is unknown and full with obstacles. This donation will cover all the expences to send him on a 3 months rehabilitation at a center in Dehli.




Donation covers expences to send the most ill clients suffering from Hepatitis C to the hospital for medication.