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Pimpri Drop-in centre for Injecting Drug users (IDU Project)

This is the Swedish donation site for the Pimpri IDU Project in Pune, India. This swedish donation site has finished its cooperation with Pimpiri but the site is kept

as an information site. 

The IDU Project is a part of the Wake Up Pune Campaign and goes under the umbrella of Sahara Aalhad.  Learn more about Wake Up Pune and the IDU Project in this newsletter (PDF).

Pimpri Drop-in Centre is a place where injecting drug users go on their programme to get rid of their addiction to drugs. They provide medication, night shelter and food. They also provide a needle syringe exchange program to the drug users in the area which are not on the de-addiction program. This program started in 2010. The centre is located next to a slum area in the outskirts of Pune. 

Addnok, the medication is financed by the government and so is hospital visits. The needle exchange program is also financed by the authorities. The program was granted, and fundations from us were a step in the line to approval in that matter. A donation that gave the possibility to test all clients for hepatitis C where 35 clients were found positive. Read the article in Indian Express here.

Donations from all over the world gives Pimpri Drop-in centre the possibility to maintain a nutrition program which gives the clients food 2 times a day, mostly rice, dal and chapatis - it all depends on the monthly economy. More donations are necessary if to enlarge the diet with vegetables and/or other variety. Donations are needed for treating the clients due to hepatitis C. One months' treatment costs 6500 rupies (=approx. 1100 SEK) - per client. The staff hand pick the most needy clients for hep-C treatment due to economical situation. Pimpri Drop-in Centre had a vision to obtain new premises in the future, which also needed to be based and maintained by contributions on monthly basis. Friends of Pimpri is very happy to say that we funded almost 1/3 to the construction in 2011!

Thank You!